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I cant even express how much I love each and every baby that comes into my studio. Each session, each baby is so unique and special in its own way. Its hard to believe (ive lost exact count now) that I have photographed over 300 newborn babies now. I am blessed for what I am able to do for families. I put my WHOLE heart into newborn photography, I am constantly learning and growing and improving my skills. I cant express how important it is to hire a newborn photographer that specializes in NEWBORN photography! I have done MANY sessions where parents have already had a session and been disappointed in the results. They then come to me for another session.. they then realize the importants of a SPECIALIST! Newborn photography isnt about the clicking of a camera. Its about newborns, and soothing, and posing, and lighting and angles and editing. I have spent sooo long focusing and learning ONE area of photography so I can provide my clients with the best images of their newborn baby.

All babies are beautiful in their own way.. some are sleepy, some are wakeful, some are squishy, some are stiff, some like posing, others dont, some like their belly, some like their back, some like being naked, some want to be swaddled.. no matter what kind of baby you have, I work with their preferences, and get beautiful shots of them… I never force them to do something they dont like.

Some babies I remember more than others.. either because they were really easy… OR really hard 😉 Or because of a certain feature that stood out… Here is “hair baby” .. I have to say.. in my 300 newborns I have photographed.. I think this one is my favorite baby… He was sleepy, squishy, and that hair was off the charts! I could have photographed him ALLLLL DAY LONG.. or kept him..

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Danielle Renee Kirk - Oh my goodness his hair! 🙂 <3

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Newborn baby | Brantford Ontario Newborn Photographer | Hamilton Ontario |Cambridge Onatrio | Burlington Ontario Baby Photographer

I could have photographed this one alll day long. Sometimes its hard to stop 😉 Love when babies come in sleepy, and enjoy being posed. His whole session were all of my favorite colours…


Lorna Knightingale - Perfect.

Sylvia Osinski - I cannot stop looking through your blog!!!! Love all the soft colors you use! Georgeous!

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Oh how I love my job… of course its not as easy as it looks, but the reward is so great! Creating beautiful images of the first few days of life that will be enjoyed for generations is what I love. Its amazing to see Gods newest creations each and every time… Here is little Lucas curled up like he was in the belly <3



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