Pretty Baby Girl – Brantford Ontario Newborn Photographer | Hamilton Ontario | Toronto Ontario

What a gorgeous baby girl Katy and I had in for our workshop day. Chubby thing with beautiful hair <3 <3

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Linda Bainter - Your work is beautiful and I know the moms who have your capture their babies will treasure the images for a lifetime!

Sylvia Osinski - Beautiful…such perfectly posed.

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Brantford Onatrio Newborn Photographer | Newborn Baby girl | Hamilton Ontario | Cambridge Ontario | Toronto Ontario Baby Photos

SO many gorgeous babies in my studio this year.. haven’t had time to put them all up on my blog. You can see all recent work previews on my Facebook page though 🙂

Gorgeous Piper..


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Jana Zoraya - Outstanding work!

Linda Bainter - I love every image, your work is gorgeous. I’ve been following you for a year and I see consistancy and excellence. Ontario families are blessed to have you as a newborn photorapher.

Jen Fotografi - Hey Sandra! Beautiful as always! Where did you get the second headband from? So pretty!

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Mini Newborn session | Brantford Ontario Newborn Photographer | Hamilton Ontario Newborn Photographer | Oakville Ontario Newborn Photographer

Its really important for clients to do their research when looking for a newborn photographer. This is becoming more and more important as cameras get cheaper and easier to use. “Photogs” popping up everywhere.  If you are someone wanting to have high quality newborn images, you need to seek out someone with experience posing newborn babies. So many newly starting out photographers only post one or two GOOD images from a session, and the rest falling very short, leaving the customer disappointed with the outcome. This can be deceiving to potential costumers shopping around looking at websites. OF course, I was there too, just starting out, and having -not so great sessions, and getting maybe one decent image and using that to advertise with.. we all start somewhere. This post is not meant to be mean to to others, but instead to promote my own work and business. I have worked so hard to get where I am today. I want clients to know, that I am experienced, patient, and work very hard making sure each and every image is show worthy. Clients may wonder what my mini session looks like.. here is an example. No family/sibling shots.. just baby. Not as many angles or setups, but still perfect for those just wanting a few images of their new baby to remember how tiny they once were..

Here is a typical Newborn Mini session with Sandra Hill Photography.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.03.27 PM


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